Snobby Bitch Goes down – by the Splunge_Splash – Society bitch is pressed towards the intercourse together a few youngsters

Slave To help you Black Students – because of the dale10 – Carla Birch was an excellent twenty two yr old white professor from the a high-school having mostly black youngsters. (F/m-teens+, voy, nc, rp, v, tor, huml, intr, orgy)

Thraldom People – by the Rupert Jerome – An international wonders community depending during abolition out of thraldom continues on today. Submissives is grabbed and you can useful for the fresh new fulfillment regarding neighborhood representative. (M+F+/m+f+, orgy, nc, ped, bd)

She drags the woman pal, absolutely nothing brother and you will a neighbour child for the the lady nasty sex scene

Whore Log – because of the Babette Chandler – Excerpts from Babette’s journal for the readers activity. (Mdom+/Fsub, FF, extreme-nc, rp, intr, asian, tor, scat, dental, rectal, huml)

Snakes dos.0 – from the Trace – Jen goes for a stroll once college or university eventually and you may catches the eye off an alternative variety of snake. The next thing she understands this woman is possessed of the snake and you will she finds out a different sort of purpose in daily life, breeding. (FF/monster, nc, rp, bi, inc, mc, sci-fi) Part dos

Snow Cave – from the Anon NixPixer – What would you do within the a severe emergency? You’ve decided. Inside facts a lady are abandoned because of the the lady partner which is more concerned with saving themselves than simply enabling his wife rating to help you security. She ends up needing to put out to have visitors to save live – in the middle of a snow storm. (MMF, girlfriend, reluc) Region 2

Snow white X – because of the Rebelwriter – Wendy loves to enjoy at being fairly, helpless, and you may deceased. (MF, nc, rp, bi, nec-fetish)

Some time Afterwards – of the Pauleena – A mystical little facts about what lives can be like in the distant future. Ini and you will Inu are Grafters (Workers) in the a beneficial rigidly regulated society into the future. Work is all the, delights are partners, and you can every day life is quick. Abuse is for certain. (MF, oral, mast, sci-fi)

Either Bad The unexpected happens – of the Anonymous – An extreme home attack facts where a father or mother is actually raped inside top out of the lady daughter. (MF, v, rp)

Something Dirty – because of the High E – A routine lady, that has a type and you can loving household members was grabbed from the regional School and you may changed toward a gender freak because of the experts

Sooky Hitches A trip Family – by LikeBadFun – Slimy bible thumpers kidnap and you may ravage worst defenseless Filipina woman. (MMF, nc, rp, v, oral, asian)

Southern Morale – by Anon – A night out together eg nothing he would got in advance of, she nearly begged are likely and you may strangled. (MF, apx, bd, rom)

Souvenir Off Battle – by Mandible – A school woman will get the lady payback, if the university rapist selections for her. (MF, rp, v)

Unique Ladies Big date – by the Doghead_2000 – New Emperor’s « Unique Women’s Date » occurrences were not truly the brand of issue that any girl create actually want to get involved with, in the field. But also for this new many exactly who performed, it had been the very last thing it ever got involved with. (MMF, nc, rp, v, bd, tor, sn)

St. Catherine’s Private University – by Nat Sherman Ted and you will Emily Hagen provide its more youthful girl back into Emily’s alma mater. If approved, she would be a true bride-to-be of church, same as their mother. Have a tendency to the mother Premium and you may Dad James undertake the new younger scholar? (FFM/f, ped, inc, sacrilegious)

Stacy Gets Trapped – of the Stacy – Allegedly published by an excellent 14-year-old lady. The woman is with family unit members problems, particularly together mom. She’s very humiliated by the the girl mothers and you will she along with her old sibling end running on the go. (youthfulness, huml, mast, inc)

Stallion – because of the Cerulean – A woman try handling a ranch and also an enthusiastic accident, winding up involuntary. Among the many stallions on the farm discovers this lady enticing. (F/beast, MF, nc, rp, anal)