This autobiography/bio was written during the time of the fresh award and you can earliest published on guide series Les Prix Nobel

Curie died when you look at the Savoy, France, immediately following an initial infection, toward July cuatro, 1934

It had been afterwards edited and you may republished inside the Nobel Lectures. So you’re able to cite it file, usually county the reason just like the found over.

Sir Henry Maine was also deceived in his survey out of Slavonic members of the family legislation because of the really-known Bohemian or Czech poem, « This new Demo of Princess Liuhouscha. » That it poem the guy estimates during the great duration, and he says this departs no doubt about what lives away from sort of undivided loved ones or household-neighborhood throughout the very remote chronilogical age of Bohemian records. Unfortuitously, the new poem on what he makes his conclusion has become unanimously stated both because of the Slavonic and German scholars becoming an effective forgery by the better-known Bohemian philologist, Hanka. It’s obvious, therefore, the entire of their idea, in terms of it works with Slavonic legislation and you can utilize, depends both into issues hence matter the past several years alone, and also have nothing in connection with olden days, or with the data manifestly untrue.

Zero trace on the both minimal otherwise endless promiscuousness should be to be found one of several Polians, which considering the old Chronicler, « presented themselves with far put aside » into the daughters-in-laws, and you may siblings-in-law, on parents, to your dads-in-rules and you will brothers-in-laws. They appear to have already been an exogamous tribe like the Radimich, Viatich and Sever, its spouses getting taken to him or her off external their personnes. Rather than the fresh new tribes just mentioned it don’t, however, procure him or her because of the need. It was not the fresh individualized for the bridegrooms commit within the research of the wives; it obtained him or her throughout the give of your moms and dads of your own female, and additionally they next paid down the sum currency in the past decided. Thus its mode regarding constituting relationship are by purchasing its spouses. What of Chronicler concerning the these types of costs was away from becoming clear, and you will Russian scholars purchased in order to translate them in the same way from « dower » lead from the family of your own wife. However it might have been recently turned-out that zero reference to « dower » will be utilized in Russian charters before the 15th century, and that the definition of veno used in mediaeval Russian to designate the new percentage made into relationship, does not have any almost every other meaning than simply regarding pretium nuptiale, or commission produced by brand new bridegroom towards the family of the fresh new fiance.(2*) The text regarding Tacitus concerning the dos paid back between the German people from the future husband to help you their wife’s father render truthfully the meaning of dated Russian veno, and throw a white towards version of commission that chronicle away from Nestor had because, when talking about the new matrimonial heritage of your Polians.

These types of evening assemblies are known to the individuals of good Russia within the label out of Posidelki, in order to the small Russians by that of Vechernitzi.

Such is the report of Cosmas Pragensis, (ch. xxi). It means: « It is not the guys whom buy the maids, however the maids on their own taking the brand new husbands they like, and when that they like. »

It explore, too, one to odd family relations off phony brotherhood and you may sisterhood, towards and this teenagers and you can ladies belonging to other kindreds seem to go into, in order to safe towards weaker sex safety and help

This personal link anywhere between cousin and sis, involving the sibling plus the sister’s pupils, however is obtainable one of several Southern Slavs. Teacher Bogisic. and you can after your Mr Krauss, enjoys depicted this reality by the unbelievable songs of Servian some one. It talk about the new personalized fundamentally used among Southern area Slavs out-of protecting off one truthfulness into the is statements of the the invocation of one’s identity of the brother.

The fresh new ban was slowly expanded to all individuals of the same kin. A tune (10*) in fashion among peasantry off Nothing Russia talks out of an excellent bird hoping to wed, and you can selecting zero bride at their birthplace, all the female becoming his connections, indeed there stays absolutely nothing to possess him to-do but to mix the ocean, and look for a bride of another kin than his own.

This new bilini more than once talk about the latest cases of paladins for example Ilia Mourometz having your own come across to the Amazons it meet on the ways. After paladins has actually succeeded within the vanquishing brand new Amazons, it force them to be its wives. One of several additional ceremonies nonetheless being used in the a nation wedding, that eg may be worth our notice, on account of new symbolical representation of your own ways to and that your family of the bride to be used to have recourse to stop an enthusiastic abduction. On the day repaired to your marriage the fresh new gates resulting in the new homestead of bride is closely shut. Either a short-term wooden wall surface is actually erected to preserve the household of intrusion. The wedding-tunes still being used regarding Authorities from Toula discuss about it the importance of protecting the new approach to the latest bride’s house by oak trees, cut-down in order to stop up the roadway, by shields developed before the dominant access of homestead.

In our contemporary world the veno try said just in some relationships music. Various other term, kladka, have changed it for the majority parts of High Russia. This percentage, amounting in a number of areas of Russia to your amount of one to hundred or so, as well as off two or three hundred or so roubles, is designed to the daddy of your bride-to-be. Usually, the daddy dumps the cash towards his daughter, getting the guy provides her due to the fact dowry a larger or shorter share, considering just what he has got obtained from the groom. But this reality can not be lead pass since a verification you to the kladka belongs by straight to the latest bride to be. In more than one commune of the bodies from Tamboy, Riasan, Vladimir, Moscow, Samara and Saratov, zero talk about includes brand new dowry given by the bride’s father, whilst kladka is actually frequently repaid towards the head of one’s loved ones that the bride-to-be belongs.(12*) We have to ergo consider these a couple of money, that produced by this new groom, and that from new bride’s dad, as the quite various other establishments. The main one percentage demonstrates the brand new life, about in a few components of progressive Russia, off a method out of relationships like the newest Indian Asura, others reveals how the fresh pretium emptionis, to engage a term off Roman jurisprudence, enacted into 2 otherwise dowry. The latest individualized try just like you to followed by brand new Germanic people. From inside the claiming so it We have especially in evaluate Tacitus’s report on the new fee from the latest groom in the a married relationship, in addition to more recent reality of the sales associated with the payment into the an effective dowry supplied by the fresh new bride’s dad.

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